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Project Requests

For projects seeking POPLAR support, including secondary analysis of POPLAR data and for clinical research projects, principal investigators must complete the POPLAR Project Request Intake form.

Note that as POPLAR is made up of the seven networks across Ontario that Multi-Network or Single Network data access can be granted.

For Multi-Network data access, the processes for notification are as follows:

  1. if there is no identification of Network regions/sectors (general data across all Ontario), all involved Networks will be notified of the project at the time of the data request and a two-week period to opt-out of providing data will be enacted. Networks can also be notified at the grant writing stage; this is encouraged to build capacity.

  2. if a request will result in analyses using data from specific Networks within POPLAR, approval is by process of two-week opt-in period by each Network named in the application.

  3.  if a request includes industry funding, approval is by process of two-week opt-in period by each Network named in the application.

  4.  if a request requests access to data from FNIM communities or Indigenous organizations the project must first be reviewed and approved by the POPLAR Indigenous Data Working Group.


For projects requesting to use data from a single network, that network may use its own internal data access processes and documentation.

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Request Details

A letter of support and an estimate of costs will be provided once a review is completed, and the project is approved in principle. Please ensure that you include your timeline details in the submission, in particular when there are grant application deadlines. For all other projects, please submit your request at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure sufficient time for review.

For researchers seeking to analyze POPLAR data in their research, the POPLAR data platform contains a trusted research environment called the Secure Virtual Analytic Environment (SAVE) that allows researchers to do their data analysis within our platform.  For more information, please see the POPLAR data security page.

For all clinical research projects, please see the Clinical Research Page for more information.

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Eligibility Criteria 

Projects must meet the following project selection criteria to be considered POPLAR Research Project:

  1. Project aligns to POPLAR: The project being proposed must align with POPLAR values, goals, and research objectives. This includes representing an important family medicine or primary health care question(s) that is currently being faced by clinicians and/or their patients. It should have the potential to improve patient health and/or health services. Clear justification is provided for the importance of the question (e.g. incidence, prevalence, costs etc.). 

  2. Project is unique: The proposed project does not duplicate an existing project that is underway.

  3. Project Feasibility: The project should be feasible in terms of the methods being appropriate for the question(s), the proposed recruitment, timeline, having proposed sufficient funds (and other resources) to successfully complete the project and be ethically sound (ethics approval process must be identified).

  4. Methodological Quality: Project has a clear objective, study plan and deliverables.

  5. No perceived conflict of interest: Definitions are based on and referenced from the CFPC 

Complete the POPLAR Project Intake Form:

If you have any questions, please contact Marissa Beckles, POPLAR's Research Project Manager at 

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